Dream interpretation

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To dream of sailing leeward, denotes to the sailor a prosperous and merry voyage. To others, a pleas..
To dream of practising legerdemain, or seeing others doing so, signifies you will be placed in a pos..
To dream that you are a member of a legislature, foretells you will be vain of your possessions and ..
If you drink lemonade in a dream, you will concur with others in signifying some entertainment as a ..
To dream of a leopard attacking you, denotes that while the future seemingly promises fair, success ..
To dream that you see a registered letter, foretells that some money matters will disrupt long-estab..
To see a letter-file in your dreams, is significant of important news, which will cause you an irkso..
To see lettuce growing green and thrifty, denotes that you will enjoy some greatly desired good, aft..
To dream of thinking people are liars, foretells you will lose faith in some scheme which you had ur..
To dream that you are in a library, denotes that you will grow discontented with your environments a..
A dream of lice contains much waking worry and distress. It often implies offensive ailments. Lice o..
To dream of a license, is an omen of disputes and loss. Married women will exasperate your cheerfuln..
To dream of being in a life-boat, denotes escape from threatened evil. To see a life-boat sinking, f..
If you dream of light, success will attend you. To dream of weird light, or if the light goes out, y..
Lightning in your dreams, foreshadows happiness and prosperity of short duration. If the lightning s..
To see a lightning-rod, denotes that threatened destruction to some cherished work will confront you..
To dream of a lily, denotes much chastisement through illness and death. To see lilies growing with ..
To dream of lime, foretells that disaster will prostrate you for a time, but you will revive to grea..
To dream of a lime-kiln, foretells the immediate future holds no favor for speculations in love or b..
To dream of eating limes, foretells continued sickness and adverse straits.
To dream that you limp in your walk, denotes that a small worry will unexpectedly confront you, detr..
To see linen in your dream, augurs prosperity and enjoyment. If a person appears to you dressed in l..
To see linseed oil in your dreams, denotes your impetuous extravagance will be checked by the kindly..
To dream of thick, unsightly lips, signifies disagreeable encounters, hasty decision, and ill temper..
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