Dream interpretation

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To dream of passing up a stairs, foretells good fortune and much happiness. If you fall down stairs,..
To dream of a stall, denotes impossible results from some enterprise will be expected by you.
To commit suicide in a dream, foretells that misfortune will hang heavily over you. To see or hear o..
To dream that you receive a telegram, denotes that you will soon receive tidings of an unpleasant ch..
To dream of thorns, is an omen of dissatisfaction, and evil will surround every effort to advancemen..
To dream of seeing torches, foretells pleasant amusement and favorable business. To carry a torch, d..
If you dream that you are in a tornado, you will be filled with disappointment and perplexity over t..
To dream that you are a tourist, denotes that you will engage in some pleasurable affair which will ..
To see trays in your dream, denotes your wealth will be foolishly wasted, and surprises of unpleasan..
To see trenches in dreams, warns you of distant treachery. You will sustain loss if not careful in u..
To dream that you are whitewashing, foretells that you will seek to reinstate yourself with friends ..
To dream that you are running about wild, foretells that you will sustain a serious fall or accident..
To dream of winter, is a prognostication of ill-health and dreary prospects for the favorable progre..
To dream you are possessed of wisdom, signifies your spirit will be brave under trying circumstances..
To dream of a wizard, denotes you are going to have a big family, which will cause you much inconven..
To dream of a wood-pile, denotes unsatisfactory business and misunderstandings in love.
To dream that you are hard at work, denotes that you will win merited success by concentration of en..
To dream that you see a wreath of fresh flowers, denotes that great opportunities for enriching your..
To dream that you are writing, foretells that you will make a mistake which will almost prove your u..
To see a yacht in a dream, denotes happy recreation away from business and troublesome encumbrances...
To dream of a Yankee, foretells that you will remain loyal and true to your promise and duty, but if..
To dream of a yard stick, foretells much anxiety will possess you, though your affairs assume unusua..
In a dream, the world repre- sents a woman, and a woman represents the world. If one sees himself de..
In a dream, a wooden bowl represents the world, or earning money from a business during a trip, whil..
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