Dream interpretation

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To be in a rage and scolding and tearing up things generally, while dreaming, signifies quarrels, an..
To dream of seeing railings, denotes that some person is trying to obstruct your pathway in love or ..
If you dream of a railroad, you will find that your business will need close attention, as enemies a..
To be out in a clear shower of rain, denotes that pleasure will be enjoyed with the zest of youth, a..
To see a rainbow in a dream, is prognostic of unusual happenings. Affairs will assume a more promisi..
To dream of eating raisins, implies that discouragements will darken your hopes when they seem about..
To dream that a ram pursues you, foretells that some misfortune threatens you. To see one quietly gr..
To dream that you are rambling through the country, denotes that you will be oppressed with sadness,..
To dream of a ramrod, denotes unfortunate adventures. You will have cause for grief. For a young wom..
To dream that a ransom is made for you, you will find that you are deceived and worked for money on ..
To dream that rape has been committed among your acquaintances, denotes that you will be shocked at ..
To imagine that you are being carried over rapids in a dream, denotes that you will suffer appalling..
To see raspberries in a dream, foretells you are in danger of entanglements which will prove interes..
To dream of rats, denotes that you will be deceived, and injured by your neighbors. Quarrels with yo..
To dream of a rattan cane, foretells that you will depend largely upon the judgment of others, and y..
To dream of seeing a baby play with its rattle, omens peaceful contentment in the home, and enterpri..
To dream of falling into a rat-trap, denotes that you will be victimized and robbed of some valuable..
To dream of a raven, denotes reverse in fortune and inharmonious surroundings. For a young woman, it..
To dream of a razor, portends disagreements and contentions over troubles. To cut yourself with one,..
To be engaged in reading in your dreams, denotes that you will excel in some work, which appears dif..
To dream of seeing reapers busy at work at their task, denotes prosperity and contentment. If they a..
To dream of attending a reception, denotes that you will have pleasant engagements. Confusion at a r..
To see a refrigerator in your dreams, portends that your selfishness will offend and injure some one..
To dream that some one registers your name at a hotel for you, denotes you will undertake some work ..
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