Dream interpretation

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To dream of Shakspeare, denotes that unhappiness and dispondency will work much anxiety to momentous..
To dream of seeing shampooing going on, denotes that you will engage in undignified affairs to pleas..
To dream of sharks, denotes formidable enemies. To see a shark pursuing and attacking you, denotes t..
To dream of a shawl, denotes that some one will offer you flattery and favor. To lose your shawl, fo..
To see shears in your dream, denotes that you will become miserly and disagreeable in your dealings...
To dream that you are building a shelter, signifies that you will escape the evil designs of enemies..
To see empty shelves in dreams, indicates losses and consequent gloom. Full shelves, augurs happy co..
To dream of seeing a sheriff, denotes that you will suffer great uneasiness over the uncertain chang..
To see a shoemaker in your dream, warns you that indications are unfavorable to your advancement. Fo..
To dream of a shotgun, foretells domestic troubles and worry with children and servants. To shoot bo..
To dream of hearing voices, denotes pleasant reconciliations, if they are calm and pleasing; high-pi..
To dream of vomiting, is a sign that you will be afflicted with a malady which will threaten invalid..
Wages, if received in dreams, brings unlooked for good to persons engaging in new enterprises. To pa..
To dream of a round full waist, denotes that you will be favored by an agreeable dispensation of for..
To dream of a waiter, signifies you will be pleasantly entertained by a friend. To see one cross or ..
To dream that you find a wall obstructing your progress, you will surely succumb to ill-favored infl..
To dream that you are in want, denotes that you have unfortunately ignored the realities of life, an..
To dream of your wardrobe, denotes that your fortune will be endangered by your attempts to appear r..
To dream that a warrant is being served on you, denotes that you will engage in some important work ..
If you are troubled with warts on your person, in dreams, you will be unable to successfully parry t..
To dream of a wash-bowl, signifies that new cares will interest you, and afford much enjoyment to ot..
To dream of waves, is a sign that you hold some vital step in contemplation, which will evolve much ..
To dream of lighting wax tapers, denotes that some pleasing occurrence will bring you into associati..
To see a weasel bent on a marauding expedition in your dreams, warns you to beware of the friendship..
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