Dream interpretation

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To dream of a vicar, foretells that you will do foolish things while furious with jealousy and envy...
To see water-carriers passing in your dreams, denotes that your prospects will be favorable in fortu..
To dream of scarlet fever, foretells you are in danger of sickness, or in the power of an enemy. To ..
To dream of eating macaroni, denotes small losses. To see it in large quantities, denotes that you w..
In a dream, a water carrier represents a man of piety and trueness, because he practices the best of..
To dream of scarcity, foretells sorrow in the household and failing affairs.
If you dream of a letter-carrier coming with your letters, you will soon receive news of an unwelcom..
To dream of carrots, portends prosperity and health For a young woman to eat them, denotes that she ..
To see a carriage, implies that you will be gratified, and that you will make visits. To ride in one..
To see a carpet in a dream, denotes profit, and wealthy friends to aid you in need. To walk on a car..
To dream of cartridges, foretells unhappy quarrels and dissensions. Some untoward fate threatens you..
To dream that you are participating in a carnival, portends that you are soon to enjoy some unusual ..
To dream of carving a fowl, indicates you will be poorly off in a worldly way. Companions will cause..
To see carpenters at their labor, foretells you will engage in honest endeavors to raise your fortun..
It is unlucky to dream you see a cardinal in his robes. You will meet such misfortunes as will neces..
To dream of seeing cars, denotes journeying and changing in quick succession. To get on one shows th..
To dream of riding in a cart, ill luck and constant work will employ your time if you would keep sup..
To dream of a baby carriage, denotes that you will have a congenial friend who will devise many plea..
If playing them in your dreams with others for social pastime, you will meet with fair realization o..
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