Dream interpretation

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To see water-carriers passing in your dreams, denotes that your prospects will be favorable in fortu..
To dream of drinking mineral water, foretells fortune will favor your efforts, and you will enjoy yo..
In a dream, a water jug means travels, or it could represent a woman who becomes pregnant then have ..
In a dream, this type of water wheel which is used to raise and discharge water from a low level str..
Watercress is the legume of the dwellers of hell-fire. If one sees it in a dream, it means that he f..
In a dream, a water lily means life, hiding, concealment, travels by sea. If a traveller by sea sees..
A water mill in a dream represents a person who handles large amounts of cash, or who is an extremel..
To dream of a waterfall, foretells that you will secure your wildest desire, and fortune will be exc..
The water level of an artificial lake or a reservoir in a dream represents God¡¯s mercy, blessings, ..
In a dream, a water carrier represents a man of piety and trueness, because he practices the best of..
To dream of clear water, foretells that you will joyfully realize prosperity and pleasure. If the wa..
Watering a herd in a dream means profits from travels.
To dream of a water lily, or to see them growing, foretells there will be a close commingling of pro..
A watering hose in a dream means rain, or watering the grass or the garden plants. A watering hose i..
To drink one¡¯s fill after being thirsty in a dream means satisfaction and ease in one¡¯s business, ..
Walking on water in a dream represents one¡¯s strong faith, certitude and trust in God Almighty. Thi..
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