a cornet seen or heard in a dream, denotes kindly attentions from strangers.
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A cornet seen or heard in a dream, denotes kindly attentions from strangers.
To see chaff, denotes an empty and fruitless undertaking and ill health causing much anxiety. Women dreaming of piles of chaff, portends many hours spent in useless and degrading gossip, bringing them..
To dream of floating, denotes that you will victoriously overcome obstacles which are seemingly overwhelming you. If the water is muddy your victories will not be gratifying.
To dream of a chalice, denotes pleasure will be gained by you to the sorrow of others. To break one foretells your failure to obtain power over some friend.
To see cane growing in your dream, foretells favorable advancement will be made toward fortune. To see it cut, denotes absolute failure in all undertakings.
In a dream, ones turban represents his family tree, his paternal uncle, or his paternal aunt. In a dream, ones turban also represents his crown, strength, integrity, state, or wife. If ones turb..
In a dream, a unit of weight may signify distress or it could mean relief. A unit of weight in a dream also represents the elements that are measured or weighed with it. In a dream, a unit of weight a..
In a dream, twisting something means hypocrisy, absurdity, or twisting and changing Gods words, or attributing a personal saying to God Almighty, and making it sound like an authentic revelation. Tw..
To unlock a closed or a sealed door, or to open a sealed container, or a location in a dream means easing of ones difficulties, and it could represent the way to prosperity.
If a sick person sees an undertaker washing and shrouding him in a dream, it means his death or relief from his agony. An undertaker in a dream also means payment of ones debts, or repentance. If on..