if you see beautiful hands in your dream, you will enjoy great distinction, and rise rapidly in your calling; but ugly and malformed hands point to disappointments and poverty. to see blood on them, denotes estrangement and unjust censure from members of your family. if you have an injured hand, some person will succeed to what you are striving most to obtain. to see a detached hand, indicates a solitary life, that is, people will fail to understand your views and feelings. to burn your hands, you will overreach the bounds of reason in your struggles for wealth and fame, and lose thereby. to see your hands covered with hair, denotes that you will not become a solid and leading factor in your circle. to see your hands enlarged, denotes a quick advancement in your affairs. to see them smaller, the reverse is predicted. to see your hands soiled, denotes that you will be envious and unjust to others. to wash your hands, you will participate in some joyous festivity. for a woman to admire her own hands, is proof that she will win and hold the sincere regard of the man she prizes above all others. to admire the hands of others, she will be subjected to the whims of a jealous man. to have a man hold her hands, she will be enticed into illicit engagements. if she lets others kiss her hands, she will have gossips busy with her reputation. to handle fire without burning her hands, she will rise to high rank and commanding positions. to dream that your hands are tied, denotes that you will be involved in difficulties. in loosening them, you will force others to submit to your dictations. 
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If you see beautiful hands in your dream, you will enjoy great distinction, and rise rapidly in your calling; but ugly and malformed hands point to disappointments and poverty. To see blood on them, d..
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