a vagina in a dream signifies relief for someone who is experiencing hardship, pressure, or sorrow. it also could mean satisfaction of ones needs, fulfillment of ones desire, marriage, partnership, exposing a secret, working with minerals, protecting womens chastity, imprisonment, the house entrance, the front door, travels, the prayer niche inside a mosque, ones innermost secret, running water, heat, an oven, a garment, a canyon, discovering a cure for an illness and feeling happy about it, finding an elixir, feeling relief after having S??ual relationship with ones spouse, a grave, distress, ones wife, fire, a burning desires, family reunion, having children, dispelling doubt about what is right and what is wrong, clearly identifying true from false, finding guidance, or heeding admonition. if a man looks at a womans vagina in a dream, it represents his wicked state of mind, needs, desires, humiliation, or it could represent the high standard a woman has achieved in his eyes. if a woman looks at a mans S??ual organ in a dream, it represents her strength and manlike drive. if a prisoner finds himself having a vagina in a dream, it means his release from prison, and for someone who is depressed, it means relief from his depression. if one has to appear in court, it means that he will win his case. if one is facing an opponent, it means that he will conquer him. seeing the vagina of an elderly woman in a dream means loss of business. if one reenters the womb of a woman through her vagina in a dream, it means his death. a vagina in a dream also could represent a blood sucker, a murderer, or a deceitful person who portrays piety during the day, then shows his teeth at night. a vagina in a dream also represents a shameless and an insolent worker, or it could represent a birds nest. in this sense, capturing a bird, or looking inside a birds nest in a dream means getting married. if a woman sees water entering her vagina in a dream, it means that she will conceive a child. if a womans vagina turns into iron or into any metal in the dream, it means that she has lost all hope in accomplishing her aspirations, satisfying her desires or needs.
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A vagina in a dream signifies relief for someone who is experiencing hardship, pressure, or sorrow. It also could mean satisfaction of ones needs, fulfillment of ones desire, marriage, partnership..
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