the veins of the children of adam represent their tribal belonging or clan. the parable of ones veins is like that of a tree and its branches. ones veins in a dream represent his family members, depending which part of the body they belong to. the condition and beauty of ones veins in a dream denote their counterpart in ones family. if one sees his vein split open in a dream, it means the death of a relative. the same dream also could denote deceit, evil, an accident or a calamity. otherwise, it could represent a divided family. exposed veins in a dream mean difficulties. the point of pulsation in ones veins or the arteries, or the veins of the carpal tunnel in a dream represent ones livelihood, job, income, or the elderly people of his family. if a rich person sees a specific quantity of blood running through his veins in a dream, it means that he will lose an equal portion or percentage of his money. otherwise, if a poor person sees that dream, it means that he will earn an equal amount of money.
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The veins of the children of Adam represent their tribal belonging or clan. The parable of ones veins is like that of a tree and its branches. Ones veins in a dream represent his family members, d..
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