Dream interpretation

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Kaleidoscopes working before you in a dream, portend swift changes with little of favorable promise ..
To dream of a pulpit, denotes sorrow and vexation. To dream that you are in a pulpit, foretells sick..
To dream of your pulse, is warning to look after your affairs and health with close care, as both ar..
To see a pump in a dream, denotes that energy and faithfulness to business will produce desired rich..
To dream of your purse being filled with diamonds and new bills, denotes for you associations where ..
To dream you are possessed of wisdom, signifies your spirit will be brave under trying circumstances..
To dream of chasing a fox, denotes that you are en gaging in doubtful speculations and risky love af..
To dream of the future, is a prognostic of careful reckoning and avoiding of detrimental extravaganc..
To dream of gaiters, foretells pleasant amusements and rivalries.
To dream of being caught in a gale, signifies business losses and troubles for working people.
To dream of seeing a friend on the gallows of execution, foretells that desperate emergencies must b..
To dream of game, either shooting or killing or by other means, denotes fortunate undertakings; but ..
To dream of gulls, is a prophecy of peaceful dealings with ungenerous persons. Seeing dead gulls, me..
This is a dream of distress. Hearing the sound of a gun, denotes loss of employment, and bad managem..
To dream of a gutter, is a sign of degradation. You will be the cause of unhappiness to others. To f..
If you dream of visiting a gypsy camp, you will have an offer of importance and will investigate the..
If you dream of being in a hail storm, you will meet poor success in any undertaking. If you watch h..
Should you visit a hair-dresser in your dreams, you will be connected with a sensation caused by the..
To dream that your hands are covered with hair like that of a beast, signifies you will intrigue aga..
To dream of seeing a hammer, denotes you will have some discouraging obstacles to overcome in order ..
If you see beautiful hands in your dream, you will enjoy great distinction, and rise rapidly in your..
To dream of distributing handbills over the country, is a sign of contentions and possible lawsuits...
To find yourself handcuffed, you will be annoyed and vexed by enemies. To see others thus, you will ..
To see yourself handsome-looking in your dreams, you will prove yourself an ingenious flatterer. To ..
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