Dream interpretation

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To dream of Satan, foretells that you will have some dangerous adventures, and you will be forced to..
To dream of a scabbard, denotes some misunderstanding will be amicably settled. If you wonder where ..
To dream of a scaffold, denotes that you will undergo keen disappointment in failing to secure the o..
To dream of weighing on scales, portends that justice will temper your conduct, and you will see you..
To dream that you are an object of scandal, denotes that you are not particular to select good and t..
To imagine in your dreams that you wield a sceptre, foretells that you will be chosen by friends to ..
For a young woman to dream that she shakes hands with some prominent ruler, foretells she will be su..
To dream of a shanty, denotes that you will leave home in the quest of health. This also warns you o..
To dream that you see or hear shooting, signifies unhappiness between married couples and sweetheart..
To dream of skulls grinning at you, is a sign of domestic quarrels and jars. Business will feel a sh..
To dream of a sovereign, denotes increasing prosperity and new friends.
To dream of splinters sticking into your flesh, denotes that you will have many vexations from membe..
Sponges seen in a dream, denote that deception is being practised upon you. To use one in erasing, y..
To dream of wearing spurs, denotes that you will engage in some unpleasant controversy. To see other..
To dream that spies are harassing you, denotes dangerous quarrels and uneasiness. To dream that you ..
To dream of thorns, is an omen of dissatisfaction, and evil will surround every effort to advancemen..
To dream of seeing torches, foretells pleasant amusement and favorable business. To carry a torch, d..
If you dream that you are in a tornado, you will be filled with disappointment and perplexity over t..
To see toys in dreams, foretells family joys, if whole and new, but if broken, death will rend your ..
To see trays in your dream, denotes your wealth will be foolishly wasted, and surprises of unpleasan..
To see trenches in dreams, warns you of distant treachery. You will sustain loss if not careful in u..
To see your veins in a dream, insures you against slander, if they are normal. To see them bleeding,..
If you dream of casting a vote on any measure, you will be engulfed in a commotion which will affect..
To dream of vouchers, foretells that patient toil will defeat idle scheming to arrest fortune from y..
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