Dream interpretation

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To dream of fainting, signifies illness in your family and unpleasant news of the absent. If a young..
To dream of a falcon, denotes that your prosperity will make you an object of envy and malice. For a..
To dream that you sustain a fall, and are much frightened, denotes that you will undergo some great ..
To dream of being famous, denotes disappointed aspirations. To dream of famous people, portends your..
To dream of one's family as harmonious and happy, is significant of health and easy circumstance..
To see a gas lamp, denotes progress and pleasant surroundings. To see one explode, or out of order o..
If you dream that you drink water from a silver goblet, you will meet unfavorable business results i..
If you dream of hugging, you will be disappointed in love affairs and in business. For a woman to dr..
For a woman to dream of indulgence, denotes that she will not escape unfavorable comment on her cond..
To dream of a king, you are struggling with your might, and ambition is your master. To dream that y..
To dream that you are wearing a mask, denotes temporary trouble, as your conduct towards some dear o..
To dream of attending a masquerade, denotes that you will indulge in foolish and harmful pleasures t..
To dream of the month of May, denotes prosperous times, and pleasure for the young. To dream that na..
For a woman to dream of a mouse, denotes that she will have an enemy who will annoy her by artfulnes..
To dream of wearing a muff, denotes that you will be well provided for against the vicissitudes of f..
To dream of hearing harmonious music, omens pleasure and prosperity. Discordant music foretells trou..
To see one-eyed creatures in your dreams, is portentous of an over-whelming intimation of secret int..
Being under the spell of an orator's eloquence, denotes that you will heed the voice of flattery..
To dream of working on an ouija board, foretells the miscarriage of plans and unlucky partnerships. ..
To dream of an overcoat, denotes you will suffer from contrariness, exhibited by others. To borrow o..
To see a page, denotes that you will contract a hasty union with one unsuited to you. You will fail ..
To see a pagoda in your dreams, denotes that you will soon go on a long desired journey. If a young ..
To dream of a pall-bearer, indicates some enemy will provoke your ill feeling, by constant attacks o..
To dream of forming a partnership with a man, denotes uncertain and fluctuating money affairs. If yo..