Dream interpretation

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To see a socialist in your dreams, your unenvied position among friends and acquaintances is predict..
To dream of being at a soda fountain, denotes pleasure and profit after many exasperating experience..
To dream that you have sold anything, denotes that unfavorable business will worry you.
To dream of your son, if you have one, as being handsome and dutiful, foretells that he will afford ..
If you see soot in your dreams, it means that you will meet with ill success in your affairs. Lovers..
To dream of a sovereign, denotes increasing prosperity and new friends.
To dream of wearing spurs, denotes that you will engage in some unpleasant controversy. To see other..
To dream that spies are harassing you, denotes dangerous quarrels and uneasiness. To dream that you ..
To dream of being a thief and that you are pursued by officers, is a sign that you will meet reverse..
To dream of seeing torches, foretells pleasant amusement and favorable business. To carry a torch, d..
If you dream that you are in a tornado, you will be filled with disappointment and perplexity over t..
To see toys in dreams, foretells family joys, if whole and new, but if broken, death will rend your ..
To see trenches in dreams, warns you of distant treachery. You will sustain loss if not careful in u..
To see your veins in a dream, insures you against slander, if they are normal. To see them bleeding,..
To dream of vomiting, is a sign that you will be afflicted with a malady which will threaten invalid..
If you dream of casting a vote on any measure, you will be engulfed in a commotion which will affect..
To dream of vouchers, foretells that patient toil will defeat idle scheming to arrest fortune from y..
To dream that you are making or listening to vows, foretells complaint will be made against you of u..
To make a voyage in your dreams, foretells that you will receive some inheritance besides that which..
Wadding, if seen in a dream, brings consolation to the sorrowing, and indifference to unfriendly cri..
Wafer, if seen in a dream, purports an encounter with enemies. To eat one, suggests impoverished for..
Wages, if received in dreams, brings unlooked for good to persons engaging in new enterprises. To pa..
To dream of a wagon, denotes that you will be unhappily mated, and many troubles will prematurely ag..
To dream of a round full waist, denotes that you will be favored by an agreeable dispensation of for..