Dream interpretation

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To dream of eloping is unfavorable. To the married, it denotes that you hold places which you are un..
If you think you are eloquent of speech in your dreams, there will be pleasant news for you concerni..
To dream that you drive along an embankment, foretells you will be threatened with trouble and unhap..
If a woman dreams of embroidering, she will be admired for her tact and ability to make the best of ..
To dream of an emerald, you will inherit property concerning which there will be some trouble with o..
To dream of going abroad and meeting the emperor of a nation in your travels, denotes that you will ..
To see one of your employees denotes crosses and disturbances if he assumes a disagreeable or offens..
This is not an auspicious dream. It implies depression in business circles and loss of employment to..
To wait at a ferry for a boat and see the waters swift and muddy, you will be baffled in your highes..
To dream of a high school, foretells ascension to more elevated positions in love, as well as social..
To dream of high tide is indicative of favorable progression in your affairs.
To dream that you admire well-formed hips, denotes that you will be upbraided by your wife. For a wo..
To dream of seeing a hoe, denotes that you will have no time for idle pleasures, as there will be ot..
To dream of a holiday, foretells interesting strangers will soon partake of your hospitality. For a ..
To dream that you are taking part in the Holy Communion, warns you that you will resign your indepen..
To see or gather, honeysuckles, denotes that you will be contentedly prosperous and your marriage wi..
To dream of a hoop, foretells you will form influential friendships. Many will seek counsel of you. ..
To dream of hops, denotes thrift, energy and the power to grasp and master almost any business propo..
To dream of having your horoscope drawn by an astrologist, foretells unexpected changes in affairs a..
To dream of hearing hymns sung, denotes contentment in the home and average prospects in business af..
To see icicles falling from trees, denotes that some distinctive misfortune, or trouble, will soon v..
To work with or to see zinc in your dreams, indicates substantial and energetic progress. Business w..
To see indigo in a dream, denotes you will deceive friendly persons in order to cheat them out of th..
To see a jailer, denotes that treachery will embarrass your interests and evil women will enthrall y..