Dream interpretation

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To dream of buying liquor, denotes selfish usurpation of property upon which you have no legal claim..
To dream of a disordered liver, denotes a querulous person will be your mate, and fault-finding will..
To dream of lizards, foretells attacks upon you by enemies. If you kill a lizard, you will regain yo..
To dream that you carry a load, signifies a long existence filled with labors of love and charity. T..
To dream of a loadstone, denotes you will make favorable opportunities for your own advancement in a..
To dream of loaves of bread, denotes frugality. If they be of cake, the dreamer has cause to rejoice..
To dream of a lock, denotes bewilderment. If the lock works at your command, or efforts, you will di..
If a young woman dreams that her lover places a locket around her neck, she will be the recipient of..
To dream that you have lockjaw, signifies there is trouble ahead for you, as some person is going to..
To dream of a locomotive running with great speed, denotes a rapid rise in fortune, and foreign trav..
To dream of locusts, foretells discrepancies will be found in your business, for which you will worr..
For a woman to dream that she has lodgers, foretells she will be burdened with unpleasant secrets. I..
For a woman to dream of a looking-glass, denotes that she is soon to be confronted with shocking dec..
To dream of standing by and seeing a loom operated by a stranger, denotes much vexation and useless ..
To dream of entertaining malice for any person, denotes that you will stand low in the opinion of fr..
To dream of a mallet, denotes you will meet unkind treatment from friends on account of your ill hea..
To dream of a map, or studying one, denotes a change will be contemplated in your business. Some dis..
To dream of a marble quarry, denotes that you life will be a financial success, but that your social..
To dream of marching to the strains of music, indicates that you are ambitious to become a soldier o..
To dream of seeing mares in pastures, denotes success in business and congenial companions. If the p..
To dream of seeing marigolds, denotes contentment with frugality should be your aim.
To dream that you are a mariner, denotes a long journey to distant countries, and much pleasure will..
To dream that you are in a market, denotes thrift and much activity in all occupations. To see an em..
To dream of eating marmalade, denotes sickness and much dissatisfaction For a young woman to dream o..
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