Dream interpretation

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To dream of seeing a juniper tree, portends happiness and wealth out of sorrow and depressed conditi..
To dream that you are on the jury, denotes dissatisfaction with your employments, and you will seek ..
To dream that you demand justice from a person, denotes that you are threatened with embarrassments ..
Kaleidoscopes working before you in a dream, portend swift changes with little of favorable promise ..
To see a kangaroo in your dreams, you will outwit a wily enemy who seeks to place you in an unfavora..
To dream of hearing katydids, is a prognostic of misfortune and unusual dependence on others. If any..
To dream of a keg, denotes you will have a struggle to throw off oppression. Broken ones, indicate s..
To see kettles in your dream, denotes great and laborious work before you. To see a kettle of boilin..
To dream that you spy upon others through a keyhole, you will damage some person by disclosing confi..
To dream about your kidneys, foretells you are threatened with a serious illness, or there will be t..
To dream of killing a defenseless man, prognosticates sorrow and failure in affairs. If you kill one..
To dream of flying a kite, denotes a great show of wealth, or business, but with little true soundne..
To see a knapsack while dreaming, denotes you will find your greatest pleasure away from the associa..
If you dream of admiring well-shaped feminine legs, you will lose your judgment, and act very silly ..
To dream of lumber, denotes many difficult tasks and but little remuneration or pleasure. To see pil..
To dream of malt, betokens a pleasant existence and riches that will advance your station. To dream ..
To dream that you are wearing a mask, denotes temporary trouble, as your conduct towards some dear o..
To dream of mercury, is significant of unhappy changes through the constant oppression of enemies. F..
To dream being merry, or in merry company, denotes that pleasant events will engage you for a time, ..
To dream of being entangled in the meshes of a net, or other like constructions, denotes that enemie..
To dream of mice, foretells domestic troubles and the insincerity of friends. Business affairs will ..
To dream of hearing harmonious music, omens pleasure and prosperity. Discordant music foretells trou..
To see musical instruments, denotes anticipated pleasures. If they are broken, the pleasure will be ..
To dream of musk, foretells unexpected occasions of joy, and lovers will agree and cease to be unfai..