Dream interpretation

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To dream of seeing an execution, signifies that you will suffer some misfortune from the carelessnes..
To dream of explosions, portends that disapproving actions of those connected with you will cause yo..
To dream of seeing an eye, warns you that watchful enemies are seeking the slightest chance to work ..
If you dream of seeing a dense smoke ascending from a pile of fagots, it denotes that enemies are be..
For a lover, this is sometimes of contrary significance. To dream that he fails in his suit, signifi..
To dream of fainting, signifies illness in your family and unpleasant news of the absent. If a young..
To dream of a fairy, is a favorable omen to all classes, as it is always a scene with a beautiful fa..
To dream that your friends are faithless, denotes that they will hold you in worthy esteem. For a lo..
To dream that you sustain a fall, and are much frightened, denotes that you will undergo some great ..
To dream of being famous, denotes disappointed aspirations. To dream of famous people, portends your..
To dream of a famine, foretells that your business will be unremunerative and sickness will prove a ..
To dream that you are famishing, foretells that you are meeting disheartening failure in some enterp..
To see a fan in your dreams, denotes pleasant news and surprises are awaiting you in the near future..
To dream that you are living on a farm, denotes that you will be fortunate in all undertakings. To d..
To dream that you are getting fat, denotes that you are about to make a fortunate change in your lif..
To dream of the fates, unnecessary disagreements and unhappiness is foretold. For a young woman to d..
To dream of your father-in-law, denotes contentions with friends or relatives. To see him well and c..
To dream of February, denotes continued ill health and gloom, generally. If you happen to see a brig..
To dream of being feeble, denotes unhealthy occupation and mental worry. Seek to make a change for y..
To dream of figures, indicates great mental distress and wrong. You will be the loser in a big deal ..
To dream of having fits, denotes that you will fall a prey to ill health and will lose employment. T..
To dream of fighting flames, foretells that you will have to put forth your best efforts and energy ..
To see flax in a dream, prosperous enterprises are denoted.
To dream of fleas, indicates that you will be provoked to anger and retaliation by the evil machinat..