Dream interpretation

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To dream that you are studying grammar, denotes you are soon to make a wise choice in momentous oppo..
To eat grapes in your dream, you will be hardened with many cares; but if you only see them hanging ..
To dream of gravel, denotes unfruitful schemes and enterprises. If you see gravel mixed with dirt, i..
To dream of eating gravy, portends failing health and disappointing business.
To see a haggard face in your dreams, denotes misfortune and defeat in love matters. To see your own..
To dream that you put a halter on a young horse, shows that you will manage a very prosperous and cl..
To dream of seeing hams, signifies you are in danger of being treacherously used. To cut large slice..
To dream of visiting your old home, you will have good news to rejoice over. To see your old home in..
To dream of being homesick, foretells you will lose fortunate opportunities to enjoy travels of inte..
To dream that you see honey, you will be possessed of considerable wealth. To see strained honey, de..
If you dream that you are a patient in a hospital. you will have a contagious disease in your commun..
To hear the roar and see a hurricane heading towards you with its frightful force, you will undergo ..
If you hurt a person in your dreams, you will do ugly work, revenging and injuring. If you are hurt,..
To dream that anyone has acted the hypocrite with you, you will be turned over to your enemies by fa..
To dream of indifference, signifies pleasant companions for a very short time. For a young woman to ..
To dream of indigestion, indicates unhealthy and gloomy surroundings.
To dream of eating jelly, many pleasant interruptions will take place. For a woman to dream of makin..
To dream of being intemperate in the use of your intellectual forces, you will seek after foolish kn..
To dream of an inventor, foretells you will soon achieve some unique work which will add honor to yo..
To dream of a Jew's-harp, foretells you will experience a slight improvement in your affairs. To..
To dream of June, foretells unusual gains in all undertakings. For a woman to think that vegetation ..
To dream that you see children kissing, denotes happy reunions in families and satisfactory work. To..
To dream of a kitchen, denotes you will be forced to meet emergencies which will depress your spirit..
To see Krishna in your dreams, denotes that your greatest joy will be in pursuit of occult knowledge..