Dream interpretation

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To dream of a penitentiary, denotes you will have engagements which will, unfortunately, result in y..
To dream of a pickpocket, foretells some enemy will succeed in harassing and causing you loss. For a..
To see powder in your dreams, denotes unscrupulous people are dealing with you. You may detect them ..
To dream that you own vast property, denotes that you will be successful in affairs, and gain friend..
To dream that you are in the company of a prostitute, denotes that you will incur the righteous scor..
To dream of a publican, denotes that you will have your sympathies aroused by some one in a desperat..
To dream you take quack medicine, shows that you are growing morbid under some trouble, and should o..
To dream of being in quarantine, denotes that you will be placed in a disagreeable position by the m..
To dream that rape has been committed among your acquaintances, denotes that you will be shocked at ..
For a young woman to dream that she sees her sweetheart with a revolver, denotes that she will have ..
To dream of being clothed in rubber garments, is a sign that you will have honors conferred upon you..
To dream of a ruby, foretells you will be lucky in speculations of business or love. For a woman to ..
To dream of rust on articles, old pieces of tin, or iron, is significant of depression of your surro..
To dream of a scaffold, denotes that you will undergo keen disappointment in failing to secure the o..
To dream that you are an object of scandal, denotes that you are not particular to select good and t..
To imagine in your dreams that you wield a sceptre, foretells that you will be chosen by friends to ..
For a young woman to dream that she shakes hands with some prominent ruler, foretells she will be su..
To dream of a shanty, denotes that you will leave home in the quest of health. This also warns you o..
To dream that you see or hear shooting, signifies unhappiness between married couples and sweetheart..
To dream of thorns, is an omen of dissatisfaction, and evil will surround every effort to advancemen..
To dream of seeing a well-developed and graceful throat, portends a rise in position. If you feel th..
To see trays in your dream, denotes your wealth will be foolishly wasted, and surprises of unpleasan..
If you yawn in your dreams, you will search in vain for health and contentment. To see others yawnin..
To dream of a yew tree, is a forerunner of illness and disappointment. If a young woman sits under o..