Dream interpretation

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To dream of pleasure, denotes gain and personal enjoyment.
To dream of polishing any article, high attainments will place you in enviable positions.
To dream that you, or any of your friends, appear to be poor, is significant of worry and losses.
To see a porcupine in your dreams, denotes that you will disapprove any new enterprise and repel new..
To dream of a portfolio, denotes that your employment will not be to your liking, and you will seek ..
To dream of postage stamps, denotes system and remuneration in business. If you try to use cancelled..
To dream of a post-office, is a sign of unpleasant tidings. and ill luck generally.
To dream of a potter, denotes constant employment, with satisfactory results. For a young woman to s..
To see dressed poultry in a dream, foretells extravagant habits will reduce your security in money m..
For a woman to dream that she is pregnant, denotes she will be unhappy with her husband, and her chi..
A priest is an augury of ill, if seen in dreams. If he is in the pulpit, it denotes sickness and tro..
To dream of this little flower starring the grass at your feet, is an omen of joys laden with comfor..
To dream of a prison, is the forerunner of misfortune in every instance, if it encircles your friend..
To dream of a procession, denotes that alarming fears will possess you relative to the fulfilment of..
To dream of promenading, foretells that you will engage in energetic and profitable pursuits. To see..
To dream of working in putty, denotes that hazardous chances will be taken with fortune. If you put ..
To dream of being in a quarry and seeing the workmen busy, denotes that you will advance by hard lab..
To dream of a racket, denotes that you will be foiled in some anticipated pleasure. For a young woma..
To dream of seeing a bed of radishes growing, is an omen of good luck. Your friends will be unusuall..
To dream you attend a religious revival, foretells family disturbances and unprofitable engagements...
To dream of rhubarb growing, denotes that pleasant entertainments will occupy your time for a while...
Seeing ribbons floating from the costume of any person in your dreams, indicates you will have gay a..
To dream that you are trying to solve riddles, denotes you will engage in some enterprise which will..
To dream of wearing rings, denotes new enterprises in which you will be successful. A broken ring, f..