Dream interpretation

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To dream of seeing a skeleton, is prognostic of illness, misunderstanding and injury at the hands of..
To dream that you are in the bonds of an unwelcome wedlock, denotes you will be unfortunately implic..
To dream of weevils, portends loss in trade and falseness in love.
To dream that you are a wet nurse, denotes that you will be widowed or have the care of the aged, or..
To see or work with whalebone in your dreams, you still form an alliance which will afford you solid..
To see large fields of growing wheat in your dreams, denotes that your interest will take on encoura..
To dream of a whirlpool, denotes that great danger is imminent in your business, and, unless you are..
To dream of whisky in bottles, denotes that you will be careful of your interests, protecting them w..
To hear a whistle in your dream, denotes that you will be shocked by some sad intelligence, which wi..
To dream that you are whitewashing, foretells that you will seek to reinstate yourself with friends ..
To dream of a wolf, shows that you have a thieving person in your employ, who will also betray secre..
To dream of women, foreshadows intrigue. To argue with one, foretells that you will be outwitted and..
To see workshops in your dreams, foretells that you will use extraordinary schemes to undermine your..
To dream that you are writing, foretells that you will make a mistake which will almost prove your u..
To dream of yarn, denotes success in your business and an industrious companion in your home. For a ..
If one sees himself turning in his sleep and putting his face down, or resting on his stomach in a d..
To dream that you meet or engage with an adversary, denotes that you will promptly defend any attack..
To dream of eating bacon is good, if some one is eating with you and hands are clean. Rancid bacon, ..
To dream that you are defrauding a person, denotes that you will deceive your employer for gain, ind..
To dream of gems, foretells a happy fate both in love and business affairs. 
To dream of gold leaves, signifies a flattering future is before you.
To dream of ice, betokens much distress, and evil-minded persons will seek to injure you in your bes..
To see imps in your dream, signifies trouble from what seems a passing pleasure. To dream that you a..
To dream of incoherency, usually denotes extreme nervousness and excitement through the oppression o..