Dream interpretation

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To dream of sitting on some person's lap, denotes pleasant security from vexing engagements. If ..
To dream of a lap-robe, indicates suspicious engagements will place you under the surveillance of en..
To see larks flying, denotes high aims and purposes through the attainment of which you will throw o..
To dream of a latch, denotes you will meet urgent appeals for aid, to which you will respond unkindl..
To dream of studying this language, denotes victory and distinction in your efforts to sustain your ..
To dream that you take laudanum, signifies weakness of your own; and that you will have a tendency t..
To dream that you laugh and feel cheerful, means success in your undertakings, and bright companions..
To dream of laundering clothes, denotes struggles, but a final victory in winning fortune. If the cl..
Dreaming of the laurel, brings success and fame. You will acquire new possessions in love. Enterpris..
To dream of engaging in a lawsuit, warns you of enemies who are poisoning public opinion against you..
For a young woman to dream that she is connected in any way with a lawyer, foretells that she will u..
To dream of feeling lazy, or acting so, denotes you will make a mistake in the formation of enterpri..
 To dream of seeing a leak in anything, is usually significant of loss and vexations.
For a young woman to dream of leaping over an obstruction, denotes that she will gain her desires af..
To dream of leather, denotes successful business and favorable engagements with women. You will go i..
To dream of leaves, denotes happiness and wonderful improvement in your business. Withered leaves, i..
To dream of keeping a ledger, you will have perplexities and disappointing conditions to combat. To ..
To dream that you are lending money, foretells difficulties in meeting payments of debts and unpleas..
To dream of seeing a marmot, denotes that sly enemies are approaching you in the shape of fair women..
To dream of attending a masquerade, denotes that you will indulge in foolish and harmful pleasures t..
To dream of meadows, predicts happy reunions under bright promises of future prosperity.
To dream that you make memoranda, denotes that you will engage in an unprofitable business, and much..
To see a moth in a dream, small worries will lash you into hurried contracts, which will prove unsat..
To see a mouse-trap in dreams, signifies your need to be careful of character, as wary persons have ..
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