Dream interpretation

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To dream of brambles entangling you, is a messenger of evil. Law suits will go against you, and mali..
It betokens, if full of fruit and green leaves, wealth, many delightful hours with friends. If they ..
To dream of brandy, foretells that while you may reach heights of distinction and wealth, you will l..
For a woman to dream of eating bread, denotes that she will be afflicted with children of stubborn w..
To dream of being in a vast brewing establishment, means unjust persecution by public officials, but..
To attend the burial of a relative, if the sun is shining on the procession, is a sign of the good h..
To dream of a full cash box, denotes that favorable prospects will open around you. If empty, you wi..
To dream of cider, denotes fortune may be won by you if your time is not squandered upon material pl..
To dream that you have a beautiful complexion is lucky. You will pass through pleasing incidents. To..
To dream of young growing cotton-fields, denotes great business and prosperous times. To see cotton ..
To receive presents in your dreams, denotes that you will be unusually fortunate. 
To see a rosebush in foliage but no blossoms, denotes prosperous circumstances are enclosing you. To..
Distrust debtors and confidants if you dream of sitting on one. If you see others doing so, happy re..
To dream of churning, you will have difficult tasks set you, but by diligence and industry you will ..
To dream of being a clairvoyant and seeing yourself in the future, denotes signal changes in your pr..
To dream of seeing or signing deeds, portends a law suit, to gain which you should be careful in sel..
To dream of an anchor is favorable to sailors, if seas are calm. To others it portends separation fr..
Battle signifies striving with difficulties, but a final victory over the same. If you are defeated ..
After this dream, pleasures of consolation from the knowledge of duties well performed, and the heal..
This is a favorable dream, denoting pure and deep friendships for the young and a quiet and even lif..
To dream of a stallion, foretells prosperous conditions are approaching you, in which you will hold ..
This dream brings humiliation and disease to some dear friend. To see a small ape cling to a tree, w..
To dream of seeing bodies cremated, denotes enemies will reduce your influence in business circles. ..
To dream that you are in affluence, foretells that you will make fortunate ventures, and will be ple..