Dream interpretation

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To dream of celestial signs, foretells unhappy occurrences will cause you to make unseasonable journ..
To dream of being in a cold, damp cellar, you will be oppressed by doubts. You will lose confidence ..
To dream of being bound in chains, denotes that unjust burdens are about to be thrown upon your shou..
To dream of seeing a chair maker, denotes that worry from apparently pleasant labor will confront yo..
To dream you see cherubs, foretells you will have some distinct joy, which will leave an impression ..
To see or search through a chiffonier, denotes you will have disappointing anticipations. To see one..
To dream of suffering with chilblains, denotes that you will be driven into some bad dealing through..
To dream of giving child birth, denotes fortunate circumstances and safe delivery of a handsome chil..
To dream of seeing many beautiful children is portentous of great prosperity and blessings. For a mo..
To dream of Christmas chimes, denotes fair prospects for business men and farmers. For the young, ha..
To dream of seeing chimneys, denotes a very displeasing incident will occur in your life. Hasty inte..
To dream of a city hall, denotes contentions and threatened law suits. To a young woman this dream i..
For a person to dream of being corpulent, indicates to the dreamer bountiful increase of wealth and ..
Hearing a cymbal in your dreams, foretells the death of a very aged person of your acquaintance. The..
Bow and arrow in a dream, denotes great gain reaped from the inability of others to carry out plans...
To dream of brambles entangling you, is a messenger of evil. Law suits will go against you, and mali..
It betokens, if full of fruit and green leaves, wealth, many delightful hours with friends. If they ..
To dream of brandy, foretells that while you may reach heights of distinction and wealth, you will l..
For a woman to dream of eating bread, denotes that she will be afflicted with children of stubborn w..
To dream of being in a vast brewing establishment, means unjust persecution by public officials, but..
To attend the burial of a relative, if the sun is shining on the procession, is a sign of the good h..
To dream of a full cash box, denotes that favorable prospects will open around you. If empty, you wi..
To dream of cider, denotes fortune may be won by you if your time is not squandered upon material pl..
To dream that you have a beautiful complexion is lucky. You will pass through pleasing incidents. To..