Dream interpretation

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To dream of seeing manure, is a favorable omen. Much good will follow the dream. Farmers especially ..
To dream of seeing an old man, or woman, denotes that unhappy cares will oppress you, if they appear..
Seeing him in a dream means celebrating knowledge, being a godly person, friendship and love for oth..
To see life-insurance men in a dream, means that you are soon to meet a stranger who will contribute..
To dream that you are in a mansion where there is a haunted chamber, denotes sudden misfortune in th..
To dream of a large manufactory, denotes unusual activity in business circles. 
To see Roman candles while dreaming, is a sign of speedy attainment of coveted pleasures and positio..
A young girl in a dream represents an enemy however she may look. Seeing a well dressed and pleasing..
A yarn salesman in a dream represents a contract, an agreement, planning, spinning, or womanizing.
To dream of adamant, denotes that you will be troubled and defeated in some desire that you held as ..
To hear young animals bleating in your dreams, foretells that you will have new duties and cares, th..
To dream of being commanded, denotes that you will be humbled in some way by your associates for sco..
To dream of a man-of-war, denotes long journeys and separation from country and friends, dissension ..
Dreams in which you find yourself luxuriously reposing upon an ottoman, discussing the intricacies o..
An unknown young man in a dream represents an enemy. If the young man is known in the dream, then wh..
Fortune is hurrying after you. Questions of importance will be settled amicably among disputants. To..
To dream of seeing ugly-mannered persons, denotes failure to carry out undertakings through the disa..
To dream of a necromancer and his arts, denotes that you are threatened with strange acquaintances w..
For a young woman to dream of bathing in a basin, foretells her womanly graces will win her real fri..
For a woman to dream that she sees, or is in any way connected with, manslaughter, denotes that she ..
To dream of manuscript in an unfinished state, forebodes disappointment. If finished and clearly wri..
To dream of seeing a mantilla, denotes an unwise enterprise which will bring you into unfavorable no..
In a dream, a weaver represents a problem solver, garments, travels, or hesitation. Seeing a weaver ..
To see a wild man in your dream, denotes that enemies will openly oppose you in your enterprises. To..