Dream interpretation

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To dream of a bridle, denotes you will engage in some enterprise which will afford much worry, but w..
To dream that you see the chairman of any public body, foretells you will seek elevation and be reco..
To dream of a man-of-war, denotes long journeys and separation from country and friends, dissension ..
To see yourself caught among briars, black enemies are weaving cords of calumny and perjury intricat..
To dream of handling oars, portends disappointments for you, inasmuch as you will sacrifice your own..
To see wedding clothes, signifies you will participate in pleasing works and will meet new friends. ..
To dream that you send for a clergyman to preach a funeral sermon, denotes that you will vainly stri..
To dream that a demand for charity comes in upon you, denotes that you will be placed in embarrassin..
To dream of an almanac, means variable fortunes and illusive pleasures. To be studying the signs, fo..
To come close to a person in your dreaming with a pure and sweet breath, commendable will be your co..
Whenever you take an oath in your dreams, prepare for dissension and altercations on waking.
To dream that you render obedience to another, foretells for you a common place, a pleasant but unev..
To dream of eating oatmeal, signifies the enjoyment of worthily earned fortune. For a young woman to..
To dream that you do not like your bed fellow, foretells that some person who has claims upon you, w..
To dream of a tiger advancing towards you, you will be tormented and persecuted by enemies. If it at..
To attend a wedding in your dream, you will speedily find that there is approaching you an occasion ..
To dream of being commanded, denotes that you will be humbled in some way by your associates for sco..
To dream that you feel mortified over any deed committed by yourself, is a sign that you will be pla..
To dream of a vicar, foretells that you will do foolish things while furious with jealousy and envy...
If you dream of seeing or riding a white horse, the indications are favorable for prosperity and ple..
To see a poor-house in your dream, denotes you have unfaithful friends, who will care for you only a..
To dream of a warehouse, denotes for you a successful enterprise. To see an empty one, is a sign tha..
To see water-carriers passing in your dreams, denotes that your prospects will be favorable in fortu..
To dream of scarlet fever, foretells you are in danger of sickness, or in the power of an enemy. To ..