Dream interpretation

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To dream of imitations, means that persons are working to deceive you. For a young woman to dream so..
To dream of implements, denotes unsatisfactory means of accomplishing some work. If the implements a..
To dream of incestuous practices, denotes you will fall from honorable places, and will also suffer ..
To dream of an increase in your family, may denote failure in some of your plans, and success to ano..
If in your dreams you see objects indistinctly, it portends unfaithfulness in friendships, and uncer..
To dream that you are industrious, denotes that you will be unusually active in planning and working..
To dream of seeing a newly born infant, denotes pleasant surprises are nearing you. For a young woma..
To dream that you leave an infirmary, denotes your escape from wily enemies who will cause you much ..
To dream that you receive an inheritance, foretells that you will be successful in easily obtaining ..
To see ink spilled over one's clothing, many small and spiteful meannesses will be wrought you t..
Empty ink-stands denote that you will narrowly escape public denunciation for some supposed injustic..
To dream of an inn, denotes prosperity and pleasures, if the inn is commodious and well furnished. T..
To dream of an inquest, foretells you will be unfortunate in your friendships.
To dream of an inquisition, bespeaks for you an endless round of trouble and great disappointment. I..
To dream of being insane, forebodes disastrous results to some newly undertaken work, or ill health ..
To dream you see an inscription, foretells you will shortly receive unpleasant communications. If yo..
If you dream that you are insolvent, you will not have to resort to this means to square yourself wi..
To intercede for some one in your dreams, shows you will secure aid when you desire it most.
To dream of intermarrying, denotes quarrels and contentions which will precipitate you into trouble ..
To dream of an interpreter, denotes you will undertake affairs which will fail in profit.
To dream of seeing intestines, signifies you are about to be visited by a grave calamity, which will..
To dream of seeing cities or country submerged in dark, seething waters, denotes great misfortune an..
To dream of invalids, is a sign of displeasing companions interfering with your interest. To think y..
To dream of using invectives, warns you of passionate outbursts of anger, which may estrange you fro..
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