Dream interpretation

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To dream of carrots, portends prosperity and health For a young woman to eat them, denotes that she ..
To dream of a cat, denotes ill luck, if you do not succeed in killing it or driving it from your sig..
To dream that you are participating in a carnival, portends that you are soon to enjoy some unusual ..
To see a glass house, foretells you are likely to be injured by listening to flattery. For a young w..
To dream of building a house, you will make wise changes in your present affairs. To dream that you ..
To dream of cartridges, foretells unhappy quarrels and dissensions. Some untoward fate threatens you..
To dream of the catechism, foretells that you will be offered a lucrative position, but the strictur..
To dream of a custom-house, denotes you will have rivalries and competition in your labors. To enter..
To dream of carving a fowl, indicates you will be poorly off in a worldly way. Companions will cause..
To dream of drinking coffee, denotes the disapproval of friends toward your marriage intentions. If ..
To see carpenters at their labor, foretells you will engage in honest endeavors to raise your fortun..
Cocoanuts in dreams, warns you of fatalities in your expectations, as sly enemies are encroaching up..
To dream of goldfish, is a prognostic of many successful and pleasant adventures. For a young woman,..
Deceit is sure to assail you in your affairs of the heart, if you are young, after dreaming of this ..
To dream that you are gambling and win, signifies low associations and pleasure at the expense of ot..
To dream of cocoa, denotes you will cultivate distasteful friends for your own advancement and pleas..
This dream is unlucky. You will, if you are a farmer, see your crops blasted and your cattle lean an..
It is unlucky to dream you see a cardinal in his robes. You will meet such misfortunes as will neces..
Seen in your dreams, they indicate continued sickness and unhappy states. Fatalities are intimated i..
To see a coffee mill in your dreams, denotes you are approaching a critical danger, and all your ene..
To dream of entering strange premises and have a bulldog attack you, you will be in danger of transg..
To dream of a vicious dog, denotes enemies and unalterable misfortune. To dream that a dog fondles y..
If raw and bloody, cancers and tumors of a malignant nature will attack the subject. Be on your guar..
To dream of seeing cars, denotes journeying and changing in quick succession. To get on one shows th..