Dream interpretation

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An arch in a dream, denotes your rise to distinction and the gaining of wealth by persistent effort...
To dream of cocoa, denotes you will cultivate distasteful friends for your own advancement and pleas..
To dream of war, foretells unfortunate conditions in business, and much disorder and strife in domes..
Cocoanuts in dreams, warns you of fatalities in your expectations, as sly enemies are encroaching up..
To dream of drinking coffee, denotes the disapproval of friends toward your marriage intentions. If ..
Seen in your dreams, they indicate continued sickness and unhappy states. Fatalities are intimated i..
To see a coffee mill in your dreams, denotes you are approaching a critical danger, and all your ene..
To dream of an apron, signifies a zigzag course, for a young woman. For a school girl to dream that ..
Architects drawing plans in your dreams, denotes a change in your business, which will be likely to ..
If raw and bloody, cancers and tumors of a malignant nature will attack the subject. Be on your guar..
To dream of seeing an archbishop, foretells you will have many obstacles to resist in your attempt t..
Twilight in a dream means taking an oath, or it could represent the political or military move of a ..
To see one newly furnished, a happy change for the dreamer. Journeys to distant places, and pleasant..
To dream of seeing any of your people dead, warns you of coming dissolution or sorrow. Disappointmen..
To dream of wire, denotes that you will make frequent but short journeys which will be to your dispa..
The veins of the children of Adam represent their tribal belonging or clan. The parable of one¡¯s ve..
If playing them in your dreams with others for social pastime, you will meet with fair realization o..
It is bad to dream of cabbage. Disorders may run riot in all forms. To dream of seeing cabbage green..
To dream of calves peacefully grazing on a velvety lawn, foretells to the young, happy, festive gath..
To dream of making a political one, signifies your opposition to approved ways of conducting busines..
To dream that you visit a morgue searching for some one, denotes that you will be shocked by news of..
To dream that you are affected with bronchitis, foretells you will be detained from pursuing your vi..
To have one successfully treated in a dream, denotes a sudden rise from obscure poverty to wealthy s..
To see them burning with a clear and steady flame, denotes the constancy of those about you and a we..