Dream interpretation

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To dream of beads, foretells attention from those in elevated position will be shown you. To count b..
To dream of seeing a beard, denotes that some uncongenial person will oppose his will against yours,..
It bodes no good to dream of being beaten by an angry person; family jars and discord are signified...
A palmy leisure awaits you in which you will meet many pleasing varieties of diversions. Much knowle..
For a woman to dream of a bronze statue, signifies that she will fail in her efforts to win the pers..
To see a fowl with her brood, denotes that, if you are a woman, your cares will be varied and irksom..
To dream of your bladder, denotes you will have heavy trouble in your business if you are not carefu..
Blankets in your dream means treachery if soiled. If new and white, success where failure is feared,..
Blasphemy, denotes an enemy creeping into your life, who under assumed friendship will do you great ..
To see a blacksmith in a dream, means laborious undertakings will soon work to your advantage.
To dream of moles, indicates secret enemies. To dream of catching a mole, you will overcome any oppo..
To dream that you see a clock, denotes danger from a foe. To hear one strike, you will receive unple..
To dream of a bake-house, demands caution in making changes in one's career. Pitfalls may reveal..
To dream of a monkey, denotes that deceitful people will flatter you to advance their own interests...
To dream of seeing a monk, foretells dissensions in the family and unpleasant journeyings. To a youn..
To dream of climbing up a hill or mountain and reaching the top, you will overcome the most formidab..
To dream of seeing an arm amputated, means separation or divorce. Mutual dissatisfaction will occur ..
To dream of a claironet, foretells that you will indulge in frivolity beneath your usual dignity. If..
To dream of friends being well and happy, denotes pleasant tidings of them, or you will soon see the..
To dream of clay, denotes isolation of interest and probable insolvency. To dig in a clay bank, fore..
To dream of bleeding, denotes death by horrible accidents and malicious reports about you. Fortune w..
To dream of being pursued by a monster, denotes that sorrow and misfortune hold prominent places in ..
To dream of seeing your coat-of-arms, is a dream of ill luck. You will never possess a title.
To dream of baptism, signifies that your character needs strengthening by the practice of temperance..