Dream interpretation

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To see baseball in your dream, denotes you will be easily contented, and your cheerfulness will make..
To see ferns in dreams, foretells that pleasant hours will break up gloomy forebodings. To see them ..
For a man to commit bigamy, denotes loss of manhood and failing mentality. To a woman, it predicts t..
To dream that you ask favors of anyone, denotes that you will enjoy abundance, and that you will not..
To dream of relating an anecdote, signifies that you will greatly prefer gay companionship to that o..
To dream of milking, and it flows in great streams from the udder, while the cow is restless and thr..
To see a midwife in your dreams, signifies unfortunate sickness with a narrow escape from death. For..
To dream of bobbins, denotes that important work will devolve on you, and your interests will be adv..
To dream of blackberries denotes many ills. To gather them is unlucky. Eating them denotes losses.
To dream of drinking milk, denotes abundant harvest to the farmer and pleasure in the home; for a tr..
To dream of being blind, denotes a sudden change from affluence to almost abject poverty. To see oth..
For a young woman to dream of blushing, denotes she will be worried and humiliated by false accusati..
To see in your dreams writing in white chalk on a blackboard, denotes ill tidings of some person pro..
To dream of seeing trees and shrubs in blossom, denotes a time of pleasing prosperity is nearing you..
To dream of seeing a boiler out of repair, signifies you will suffer from bad management or disappoi..
Eating or baking them, indicates ill health and family peace ruptured over silly disputes.
To see bantam chickens in your dream, denotes your fortune will be small, yet you will enjoy content..
Denotes injury to yourself. If you receive a blow, brain trouble will threaten you. If you defend yo..
To see vacant tellers, foretells business losses. Giving out gold money, denotes carelessness; recei..
To dream of this is just about the same as to dream of the devil; it indicates stormy times and much..
To dream of seeing an arm amputated, means separation or divorce. Mutual dissatisfaction will occur ..
For a young woman to dream of a sweet aroma, denotes she will soon be the recipient of some pleasure..
To dream of gold, denotes great prosperity and much pleasure derived from sight-seeing and ocean voy..
To dream of baptism, signifies that your character needs strengthening by the practice of temperance..