Dream interpretation

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To see coke ovens burning, foretells some unexpected good fortune will result from failure in some e..
To dream of being in a coal-mine or colliery and seeing miners, denotes that some evil will assert i..
To dream that you are abject, denotes that you will be the recipient of gloomy tidings, which will c..
To dream of coke, denotes affliction and discord will enter your near future.
To dream of a college, denotes you are soon to advance to a position long sought after. To dream tha..
To dream of suffering from cold, you are warned to look well to your affairs. There are enemies at w..
To dream that your corns hurt your feet, denotes that some enemies are undermining you, and you will..
For a young woman to dream that she sees an abbess, denotes that she will be compelled to perform di..
To dream of wearing a collar, you will have high honors thrust upon you that you will hardly be wort..
To dream of being approached by a person bearing a club, denotes that you will be assailed by your a..
To dream of riding in a coach, denotes continued losses and depressions in business. Driving one imp..
To dream of a coal-hod, denotes that grief will be likely to fill a vacancy made by reckless extrava..
To see bright coals of fire, denotes pleasure and many pleasant changes. To dream you handle them yo..
To dream of wearing another's coat, signifies that you will ask some friend to go security for y..
To dream of minerals, denotes your present unpromising outlook will grow directly brighter. To walk ..
To dream of being in a mine, denotes failure in affairs. To own a mine, denotes future wealth.
To see a miller in your dreams, signifies your surroundings will grow more hopeful. For a woman to d..
To see cane growing in your dream, foretells favorable advancement will be made toward fortune. To s..
To dream that you have plenty of cash, but that it has been borrowed, portends that you will be look..
To see chaff, denotes an empty and fruitless undertaking and ill health causing much anxiety. Women ..
To dream of a chalice, denotes pleasure will be gained by you to the sorrow of others. To break one ..
For a woman to dream of chalking her face, denotes that she will scheme to obtain admirers. To dream..
To dream of a mill, indicates thrift and fortunate undertakings. To see a dilapidated mill, denotes ..
To dream that you see clear water pouring over a mill-dam, foretells pleasant enterprises, either of..